Restaurant Pre-Order System

Use our pre-ordering app for restaurants to sell your food even while you sleep

Gain more loyal customers by enabling them to order food in advance & skip the line

Time is money. So start accelerating your online sales, by accepting food pre-orders to attract:

• busy corporate customers stepping out for short lunches

• clients placing large group orders that can overcrowd your kitchen

• Clients who simply don’t like waiting or wish to enjoy their diner at home

• Night owls who just remembered that there’s nothing left in the fridge for tomorrow

This way, your customers can order in advance, with their food being ready at the time of their choosing.

Food pre-ordering options for guests who want to dine-in

Enable your clients to easily enjoy food in the comfort of their own home, by enabling them to choose from the following options:

• Pre-order food for pickup

• Pre-order food for delivery

Create enhanced dining out experiences:
Food pre-ordering +
Table Reservations

Enable your customers to pre-order their breakfasts, lunches & dinners, so you can bring new diners into your restaurant.

Create the perfect dining-out experience, by enabling them to book a table & pre-order their favorite meals.

Benefits of taking pre-orders with our restaurant pre-order system

Receiving orders in advance opens the door to a vast array of benefits:

• No more kitchen bottlenecks

• Drastically reduced waiting times during your busiest hours

• Happier & returning customers

How pre-orders work

It doesn’t get better than this. Or does it?
Well, your client can actually place any order outside restaurant hours. So you can make money even when you sleep.