Restaurant Delivery System:
How Tracking the Orders Works

Adding deliveries to your restaurant & tracking your riders has never been easier

How to add the delivery tracking integration

Simply link the desired delivery management software solution to your Gloriafood account & edit the integration details.

It doesn’t get easier than this.

Handle Deliveries Like a Pro

On demand restaurant delivery system solutions for your restaurant business

  • Centralize all your orders under one dashboard

    Manage all your operations from one screen.

  • Automate dispatch logistics

    Let the system do all the hard work for you & manage deliveries

  • Geo-location order tracking in real time

    Keep your hungry customers in the loop & enable them to track their orders in real time.

  • Send notifications via email or sms

    Send your clients important order-related notifications via two separate channels.

  • Optimized routes

    So you can ensure on-time deliveries.

  • Multi-restaurant delivery software

    Owning a chain of restaurants? Control the entire delivery fulfillment process.

  • Powerful analytics

    Use analytics to identify the best opportunities to improve your delivery operations.

  • Simplified deliveries

    By using the world’s leading delivery management solution

Not yet ready to go pro? That’s also very ok!

Alternatively you can solve the riders notification matter simply but reliably, with a simple “copy-paste & SMS” of the order details or by auto-dispatching orders via email from our “advanced notifications” section.