Facebook Ordering System For Restaurants

Get more orders with those likes. Use our Facebook food ordering smart link to add an ordering button on Facebook.

Facebook ordering system that’s free to use. Forever.

Looking for an easy way to boost sales? Our free Facebook smart link allows you to optimize the online ordering experience for your hungry customers who can place orders without any distractions or additional clicks.

And best of all? There are no fees or commissions – it’s all free!

Facebook ordering link that sends customers straight to your online menu

With our smart link, users who click the “Start Order” button on your restaurant’s Facebook page will be redirected to a tab featuring your delicious menu.

Your food clients can now order from you just by visiting your restaurant’s Facebook page.

Integrate our Facebook food ordering system into your restaurant’s page to boost online sales.

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Set up food ordering on Facebook with 2 easy steps

Install the Facebook ordering app by simply creating an account & then copying and pasting our smart link onto Facebook’s “Start Order” button.

And if you’re wondering how to take orders on Facebook, then just go ahead and install our free order taking app. Easy, right?

Taking orders via Facebook has never been easy…

Bonus: Season your restaurant menu with irresistible food promos

Besides your mouth-watering restaurant dishes, you can also add a few hard-to-say-no-to promos directly into the menu.

So hook your customers and get more orders with some of the irresistible food promos featured at the top of your menu.